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In 2008, Turin was celebrated as The World Design Capital. We decided to take part in the Contest which would select the objects of the Official Merchandising for that event. The reknown love for sweets of the people of Turin and our desire of walking new paths as “Food-designing”, inspired the project “Lecca-TO”. Three are the main characteristics of this weird lollipop. The first one is what we call “taking taste out of its context”; the lollipop has different tastes but same color. The second one is the complete handmade production process; the edible part will be produced by an important confectionery. Last, but not least, the third characteristic is called “The Magic Wand”. The lollipop stick is a real pencil and once extracted from its cap, it could be used for creating, designing and recalling the event one attended to. By the way; we won the Contest.

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