An afternoon in Grandate

Perhaps not everybody knows that Grandate, near Como, where CHICCO Artsana has its premises, hosts the greatest Museum of the Toy Horse in the world and we visited it. Mrs. Graziella Perego, the Museum Director, was our host, and we were able to appreciate a wonderful collection of hundreds of objects from all over the world, dated 1700 up to today. The Museum is the result of years of a passionate research, in selecting and collecting, thanks to those who not only love these objects but are also attracted by the affection that toy horses generate in the childrens imagination. The goal of the Museum is for new generations to understand and know the importance of the horse in mans life both for working activities and amusement. The environment is amazing. Its the old racing stable where Tornese, the famous thoroughbred, the great world champion in the 50, was raised. The perfect setting for this incredible collection. Horses are displayed so that little visitors can touch and play with them. Teaching boards tell about the history of the objects (horse-stick, rocking-horse, horse-handcart, etc.). One can breathe a magic atmosphere bringing to mind joy, good things and pleasant memories. Children are curious and fascinated. Adults forget for a moment the heaviness of their age and become the children they used to be, playing cow-boys with the living room chairs.

I transformed this cult place, in an industrial site. Through the years, though, I developed a sense of guilt and I decided to bring back some horses in the legendary stallions home, restoring it to its former function. Its important to hand over to our children and grandchildren the memory of the times in which man would ride on his horse around the world, to know and to be known

Piero Catelli, CHICCO ARTSANA Founder

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An afternoon in Grandate An afternoon in Grandate

January 2012

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