Complexities have been solved and we have all the pieces of the puzzle… Now we have to put them together.
The prototype is the highlight in which we verify the UX from the users… no matter how it is made of… If it is made of paper, cardboard or wood, or milled, 3D printed… what matters is that now, the idea, is there… in front of us… there is still time to make a few quick considerations, then the test begins… Along the way, we did not miss the chance to discuss with users but now, it’s only their feedback that counts…

Music Band

  • Multisensory

  • Feasibility

  • Interactive

  • Details

  • Deepening

  • Awareness

Client: Chicco
Year: 2012
  • Via al Castello 18/a Rivoli (TO) 10098 Italy

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